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Condenser  (2018):

part travelogue, part ghosted gaze, and part response   to the avant-garde architectural idea of the Social Condenser. The electro-futuro spaces of Moscow are rendered in a high contrast duo-tone to address a utopian desire. The compelling rhythm and chordal drones of the music were created by processing a short segment of sound, as heard at the start of the piece, which was recorded at a Moscow Metro station. The film screened at the Moscow Short FIlm Festival 2018 and the North Bellarine Film Festival 2019

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Transfusion by Tom Kazas [TJ Eckleberg Remix] (2014)      

includes manipulations of Tom’s profile self-image with the online 3D sculpture maker at and treatments of 'cubist wave' free stock animation.    

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The Topologist (2010)

A highly metaphorical cinema poem whose aim was nothing short of traversing the terrain of the psyche; examining the nature of memory and identity, of loss and doubt. Its minimal episodic narrative and multiple points-of-view voice blur the film making conventions to give an experimental sense of the deeply personal.

More on the Topologist here

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Post Utopian Pause (2009)

A reverie on reality. About what is seen, and what it takes to see. About being a witness. A sense of the inexorable passage of time plays out to the hovering textured music. The closing sequence is one of Tom's favourites.

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The Room (2009):

takes place in a failing zone. Full collapse is imminent. Our anti-hero must extricate himself. The improvised electronic bass line drives the sense of impending catastrophe for our startled psychonaut.

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Traces (2002):

is a short journey through a small piece of infinity captured on video. Generated electronic sounds directly create the evolving shapes, in this random exploration of 'lissajous figures', named so after the 19th century French mathematician. Tom says, "some of these shapes must be being seen for the first time. The merest alteration in sound creates a completely new vector of shapes.” Discovered more than created, this piece is a small walk through the infinite library of forms.

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A Collection of Cuts (2012):

assembles some out-take sequences from Tom's moving image work into a single file, to gain a fuller picture  of the Topologists’s actions: his antics, suspensions and his topolosolipsisms.

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