The first single 'The Normal' is out now,

from the forthcoming album'Metastatic'

listen-watch The Normal here

'Metastatic' will spread on 6th October 2023.  

"The Melodies! The Maladies!"

Read more about Metastatic here

Condenser is an exploratory music video; part travelogue, part ghosted gaze, part response to the avant garde architectural idea of the Social Condenser.       watch-listen here

three of Tom’s films are now viewable online:

The Topologist (2010)

Collection of Cuts (2012), and

Traces (2002),

on his Vimeo page.

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The Moffs have recently released two compilation albums:

‘A Young Person’s Guide’ with all the hits, and  

‘Trails’ an album of b-sides, demos and out-takes.

See their bandcamp page.

See the band’s wikipedia page.

Midday Moon (2018) is a survey of ambient and experimental music that emerged from Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 1995. These recordings are sourced from a rich variety of micro-labels, private pressings, theatre soundtracks and artists’ personal archives. Released on Bedroom Suck Records.

Tom contributed 'Blankets of Ice' from his 1989 album 'Deliquescence'  

listen here

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The words from 'Another Day In The Sun' will be physically embodied at the Sea and Sun Seat at Stella Berry Memorial site, Leighton Beach Reserve, Fremantle Western Australia, in 2023