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Metastatic  (2023)

Love, They Said, With Their Backs To The Precipice  (2019)

Argot  (2017)

Manoeuvres 1995-2005  (2015)

Sisyphus Happy  (2013)

Conversation In An Air Raid Shelter  (2013)

with Josephine Scicluna

Melbn Pyxis  (2012)

Verdigris  (2011)

Something Like An Emergency (2010)

with Josephine Scicluna

The Collection  (2008)

The Moffs

2CD all-inclusive compilation with detailed booklet released by Feel Presents

Fleeting Eternities  (2006)

Telemetry  (2003)

The Wound  (1999)

Turbulence  (1999)


Shades Of White  (1998)

Sant Or Fool  (1997)

Shift The Tele  (1996)

The Ducers

Book Of Saturday  (1993)

In A Sea With  (1991)

Taj Orange

Deliquescence  (1989)

Labyrinth  (1988)

The Moffs

cd and vinyl album

The Traveller  (1987)

The Moffs

7” 45 rpm vinyl single b/w Quakers Drum

Flowers  (1986)

The Moffs

7” 45 rpm vinyl single b/w By The Breeze

The Moffs  (1986)

The Moffs

12” vinyl mini album

Another Day In The Sun  (1985)

The Moffs

7” 45 rpm vinyl single b/w Clarodomineaux

The Cassette  (1984)

The Moffs

the demo tape


Entomology (2018/1987)

The Moffs

Reissue by Green Cookie Records of the 1987 compilation of early songs

A Young Person's Guide (2018)

The Moffs

Best Of compilation on bandcamp

Trails (2018)

The Moffs

Outakes compilation on bandcamp