Tom Kazas was born in Sydney, Australia. He is a composer, producer, film maker and a post-utopian.

He was the singer, guitarist, lyricist/composer of the Australian psychedelic rock group The Moffs (1984–1989), that garnered international underground attention in 1985 with their song "Another Day in the Sun".

He continues to produce varied music from rock 'Sisyphus Happy', to ambience 'Verdigris', to experimental electronica 'Argot', to the avant 'Metastatic'.

He has composed for theatre, including the 1999 staging of "The Wound", directed by Lex Marinos. He was the composer and arranger for the Greek Jazz band 'Xitzaz'.

He has produced albums for T J Eckleberg, Magic Lunchbox, Metabass'n'Breath, Tiny Tim, and You Am I.

He composed the soundtrack for "The Ifs of Language", a short film by Peter Lyssiotis and Michael Karris which was a finalist in the 2002 Dendy Short Film Festival.

He has made several music videos and short films, including the 2009 16 minute cinema poem 'The Topologist'.

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photo by Sarina Siva