latest album Argot out now, listen here

The Moffs have released a compilation album titled  ‘A Young Person’s Guide’ on the digital platforms, including their bandcamp page. There is also an album of b-sides, demos and out-takes, only at their bandcamp page titled Trails.

See the band’s wikipedia page.

Condenser is an experimental music video; part travelogue, part ghosted gaze, part response to the avant garde architectural idea of the Social Condenser.       watch-listen here


Tom writes of his favourite songs for Oystermag

Love, Politics, Time is a co-authored essay by Josephine Scicluna and Tom at Double Dialogues  on ideas about the making of their sound poem Conversation in an Air Raid Shelter

Lyrebird Project: excerpts from ‘Two Pieces for Radio’

by writingfix and tom

listen to Days Like This (Tom Kazas mix) from Black and Amber by TJ Eckleberg

listen to Jagwar Ma + Dreems version of The Moff’s

Another Day in the Sun, and Another Dub in the Sun

three of Tom’s films are now viewable online:

The Topologist (2010), Collection of Cuts (2012), and Traces (2002), on his Vimeo page.