part travelogue, part ghosted gaze, and part response to the avant-garde architectural idea of the Social Condenser. The electro-futuro spaces of Moscow are rendered in a high contrast duo-tone to also address a utopian desire. The compelling rhythm and chordal drones of the music were created by processing a segment of sound, as heard at the start of the piece, recorded at a Moscow Metro station.

Watch-listen on vimeo and youtube.



The Topologist:

is a highly metaphorical work whose aim was nothing short of traversing the terrain of the psyche, examining the nature of memory and identity, of loss and doubt. It’s minimal episodic narrative and multiple points-of-view voice, blur the film making conventions, to give an experimental sense of the deeply personal”. More on the Topologist here

Ο Τοπολόγος is the Greek language version of the film.

The text is a translation from English, and so this film cut varies from the English version given the rhythms of the Greek tongue.


Transfusion by Tom Kazas [TJ Eckleberg Remix]           Video that includes manipulations of Tom’s twitter profile self-image with the online 3D sculpture maker at and treatments of 'cubist wave' free stock animation.                                                2014