01  Bursts Of Opacity Hit The Screen

02  Erotics Of The Lack

03  Synchrocane Blister Pack

04  They Thought, They Acted

05  Keep Your Obstacle Safe

06  The Void Is Not A Prosthesis

07  X-Ray Joy Filters The Atmosphere

08  Subject Of The Unconscionable

09  Capital Hallucinates Lucidity

10  The Coincidence Of You And Everyone Else

11  Listening Evaded The Capture Theatre

12  With The State On Your Sleeve

13  A Little Arrhythmia Goes A Long Way

14  The Utterable Future

15  The Sea Is Our Expectation

16  Something More From Chance

17  The Revolution Will Be Like Love

total time:  37:08

Rhythm poses an ultimatum, it divides emphatically. Love is such an operation, as is politics. Such demands invite a choice, a necessity, a precipice. These are arguments of rhythm; multi-interval states, uneven and random beats, incessant percussions and maximalist sonics: the texture this music can bear.

composed + produced x tom kazas

september 2018 to august 2019

melbourne, australia

album title courtesy of the

interior ministry

also at itunes and spotify

listen to the album on bandcamp or youtube

released September 2019 - TKM021R