liner notes

A Single Hand Drawn Line:

imagined liner notes to Melbn Pyxis 2012 ep

Melbn - Pyxis: the former, a glittering Constantinople, a new California; the promise of entry into history and the assets of industry. Yet here, abbreviated and diminished, is unable to yield any more metal.

The latter, an insignificantly small cluster hovering in the backwater of a galaxy, silently radiating solar wind, a beacon in the oceanic night.

On which map do they both fit?

On what scale can they be equally rendered?

In a lost book of Euclid's, a proof resolving such an incommensurability was said to have been written.

A thousand years later, having heard an oral version of the proof, it was said that Plethon fashioned ropes and weights across the Bosporus to test the joining of such points.

In the seething calculation where these two points swirl, their identities are forgotten at the very moment of solution; meaningless to any other except the one who holds a thread, that is itself nothing more than an act of consciousness that fastens a sentiment: not even sculptured into a thought, but that will rise into a colossus of a word, that sustains minds for millenia - but is only a single act of doubt, shooting out communication to these coordinates, keeping the clouded chaos busy somewhere else, while the link is held -  unheard and unheeded.

On a cartographers desk, in a room dank with fumes from a blubber lamp, a map has been made. Not with details of exquisite shoals and treacherous coasts, nor with piercing mountains and rhizomatic rivers, no - just two points, joined by a single hand drawn line.


At night, if one sits on South Melbn beach, gazing up, one can see the Other, sure in the knowledge that the Other is gazing back - inviting and luring with a new message.

On another ocean, a captain is heard shouting, "don't steer by the stars lest we crash into the reefs. There...., the lighthouse, by the southern head, that will bring us in". Otherwise, the mind-archer is destined to roam those atmospheric hemispheric backwaters looking for the other beacon.